The launching of the Évora Museum webpage is an important stage in the history of the Museum, which, for the first time, is enjoying the benefit of a rapid, efficient and accessible means of communicating with the public. Communication of this kind is, today, essential in all museums, but becomes absolutely fundamental in museums of smaller size, run on smaller budgets, but which contain significant and diverse collections, as is the case with us.

The site is intended to be, not only a means of showing the Museum and the pieces it contains or of publicising new initiatives, but also a special place for gauging the feelings and thoughts of the public as well as having contact with specialists and scholars from a range of areas to which our collections are connected.

At the same time, the year 2008, when Évora Museum will be reopened to the public in its principal building, is a very important time in the life of the institution. This is not only because of the improvements in conditions that the transformation of the building brings with it but also because it marks the end of a series of restoration and research processes which have greatly transformed our vision itself of the collections and of the history of the Museum, aspects which will be given great prominence in the near future.

Joaquim Oliveira Caetano