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22 November 2017
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    Museum of Évora, Évora
    PROGRAM OF 2012

    The Education Department of the Museum of Évora promotes regular visits to the permanent collection of the Museum of Évora and guided tours on themes according to a specific schedule itself.
    The current program allows a permanent exhibition tour, with about an hour and fifteen minutes long, that addresses the Roman Period, the Arab period, the Middle Ages and Renaissance through sculpture and architectural elements. Upstairs, where it presents a collection of paintings, visit completes a course teaching the history of painting in Portugal sixteenth century to the early nineteenth century.
    Visits to the permanent collection must be requested with a minimum of one week in advance by letter, fax or e-mail, addressed to the Director of the Museum of Évora, with the identification of the school, the teacher in charge, the number of visitors and date and time desired.
    The program of themed guided tours can be found in the events section.
    Incumbent upon the Director of the Museum of Évora permission to visit and remission of entry.
    The groups will consist of no more than 30 children who are always accompanied by at least two teachers and / or instructors of their school.
    Like all visitors to the Museum of Evora, students and educators must leave personal items in lockers larger the ordinance.
    It also applies the standards of Évora Museum in relation to the registration of images, which are allowed to the exclusion of flash.

    It is the job of educators and monitors of the school to maintain order and silence needed to conduct the tour. Ignoring the minimum conditions of urbanity and civility, which endanger the conservation of museum pieces or disturb other visitors, can lead to immediate cancellation of the tour.
    Appointments should always be made by fax or e-mail with the identification of the school, number of students and a telefonde contact.
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